Continental Divide Trail is the official app of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. The CDT is a 3,050-mile/4,908-km trail that stretches from the U.S.A.-Mexico border to the U.S.A.-Canada border. The trail follows the Continental Divide of the Americas through the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana.

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Works in Airplane Mode

No mobile service or internet is required after initial setup. The app uses your device’s built-in GPS and downloaded topo maps.

Thousands of Waypoints

Over 3,600 CDT waypoints are plotted on the map, listed in a guide, and plotted on the elevation profile, including water sources, trail junctions, road crossings, landmarks, and how to reach towns and resupply points.

Are We There Yet?

The app knows where you are and calculates the trail distance to the next water source and any waypoint.

Water Information

Includes the most up-to-date water information gathered by the CDTA, Bear Creek Survey Service, and other users of the app. The information is automatically updated in the comments section.

Official CDT App and Data

As the official app of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, the app includes the official CDT route, updated annually with data collection by Bear Creek Survey Service.

Alternate Routes

Includes more than 20 alternate routes along the length of the trail.

Offline Maps

Offline map sets include U.S. Geological Survey topo maps (in feet) and satellite imagery. Online maps include various styles of Google Maps (Android) or Apple Maps (iOS). Easily toggle among each type of map.

Route Creator Tool

Create your own route with the route creator tool. This is helpful for daily planning or create an elevation profile route along an alternate route.

Elevation Profile

You won’t be surprised by a big climb if you use the elevation profile. Your current location and all waypoints are plotted on the profile.


Stay up to date by reading other hikers’ waypoint comments and leave your own comments.

Share Your Location

Share your current location with friends and family via an e-mail or text message that includes a Google Maps link to your position. (Note: e-mail messages and text messages may be created while offline, but will be sent only when internet service is available.)

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Contnental Divide Trail is a free download with in-app purchases

Try before you buy: The demo includes all features of the app.
Demo trail: The first 85 miles/137 km of the Crazy Cook route from the U.S.-Mexico border to the town of Lordsburg, New Mexico plus the first 58 miles/93 km of the Columbus Gila route from the U.S.-Mexico border to the town of Deming.

iOS and Android

Continental Divide Trail is available as a selection in our Guthook Guides app for your iPhone or iPad from the iTunes App Store and for your Android mobile device or tablet from the Google Play Store.

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In App Purchases:

  • Thru-Hiker Special: entire CDT $39.99
  • U.S./Mexico Border to New Mexico/Colorado Border $9.99
  • New Mexico/Colorado Border to Colorado/Wyoming Border $9.99
  • Colorado/Wyoming Border to Wyoming/Idaho Border $9.99
  • Wyoming/Idaho Border to Johnson Lake $9.99
  • Johnson Lake to U.S./Canada Border $9.99


Location: Western United States • Length: 3,050 miles/4,908 km

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, known as the Continental Divide Trail or CDT, is a 3,050-mile/4,908-km trail that stretches from the New Mexico-Mexico border to the Montana-Canada border. The trail follows the Continental Divide of the Americas and passes through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

The Continental Divide Trail app breaks the CDT into 5 sections:

  • New Mexico: Mile 0 to Mile 809, Mexico Border to the New Mexico/Colorado Border.
  • Colorado: Mile 809 to Mile 1,548, New Mexico/Colorado Border to the Colorado/Wyoming Border
  • Wyominga: Mile 1,548 to Mile 2,057, Colorado/Wyoming Border to the Wyoming/Idaho Border
  • Idaho: Mile 2,057 to Mile 2,466, Wyoming/Idaho Border to Johnson Lake, Montana
  • Montana : Mile 2,466 to Mile 3,050, Johnson Lake, Montana to the U.S./Canada border

For more information visit The Continental Divide Trail Coalition.