Explore Australia’s best cycling routes with Cyclewayz, an app we built for Australian Cycling Holidays, an Australian self-guided tour company. A cycling holiday is the perfect way to see Australia. You can start whenever you want, and travel at a pace that suits you.

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Works in Airplane Mode

No mobile service or internet is required after initial setup. The app uses your device’s built-in GPS and downloaded topo maps.

Hundreds of Waypoints

Hundreds of waypoints are plotted on the map, listed in a guide, and plotted on the elevation profile, including road junctions, views, historical landmarks, rail stations, cafes, restaurants, accommodation, and much more.

Are We There Yet?

The app knows where you are and calculates the remaining distance to each waypoint or any point on the route.

Details, Details

Each waypoint includes a detail page with photos, detailed waypoint information, and a comments section.

Route Creator Tool

Create your own route with the route creator tool. This is helpful for daily planning or to memorialize a completed day or section hike.

Elevation Profile

You won’t be surprised by a big climb if you use the elevation profile. Your current location and all waypoints are plotted on the profile.

Offline Maps

Detailed offline maps ensure your route is mapped even when you do not have mobile service. Online maps include various styles of Google Maps (Android) or Apple Maps (iOS). Easily toggle among each type of map.


Stay up to date by reading other cyclists’ waypoint comments and leave your own comments.

Share Your Location

Share your current location with friends and family via an e-mail or text message that includes a Google Maps link to your position. (Note: e-mail messages and text messages may be created while offline, but will be sent only when internet service is available.)

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Cycle Wayz is a free download with free Rail Trails Australia routes and in-app route purchases

Rail Trails: Through a partnership with Rail Trails Australia, all Rail Trails routes in the Cyclewayz app are free.
Try before you buy: Rail Trails routes and other free demo routes include all features of the app.
Demo routes: For a limited time try all of the Cyclewayz routes for free.

iOS and Android

Cycle Wayz App is available for your iPhone or iPad from the iTunes App Store and for your Android mobile device or tablet from the Google Play Store.

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  • Wander Melbourne’s Waterways
  • Sandridge Taste of Melbourne Tour
  • Mangrove and Marsh Magic
  • On The Beach
  • Airport to City by Moonee
  • Prom View Hill Climb
  • Prom Country to Forest Country
  • Great Southern Rail Trail


Location: Australia • Length: varies (<10 km to 1000+ km journeys)

A cycling holiday is the perfect way to see Australia. With a self-guided cycling tour, you can start whenever you want, and travel at a pace that suits you. Each day brings new challenges and new surprises, with plenty of time to stop and explore the sights along the way. The owners of Australian Cycling Holidays, Angela and Robert Mosley, understand what makes a cycle ride enjoyable, and this understanding is is reflected in the rides they have mapped for Cyclewayz. They believe in cycling the back roads – whether they be cycle paths, quiet back country roads or the rail trails. They love scenery from wild beaches to majestic forests and know that cycling is all about the journey with new experiences and fun challenges. Kids are part of the package and there is nothing more enjoyable than a bike ride with the family on one of Cyclewayz’ family friendly cycle routes.

For more information visit Australian Cycling Holidays.