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Explore New Alternate Trails in the Gila Wilderness

The CDTC is adding two more trails to the Gila Wilderness alternates, improving safety and reducing overuse.

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A screenshot of the appalachian trail elevation profile in the Guthook Guides app.

Highest & Lowest Points on the PCT/AT/CDT

What are the highest and lowest points on the Triple Crown Trails (Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, and Continental Divide Trail)? Find out by taking a look at our elevation profile data.

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Fuel Canister Cap? Or No Cap?

Should you carry the cap that comes with your fuel canister? We describe the reasons you should.

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Embrace the Punctuality: Thru-hiking the CDT on a time-crunch

Dahn thru-hiked the CDT in 95 days in between spending six weeks off-trail at four different weddings.

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(Don’t) Hike for Change featuring Fidgit

Fidgit examines decisions to postpone or cancel a long distance hike through the lens of ancient Central and South American mythology and a 20,000 mile trans-American journey.

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Hikers laying out on a rock.

My (Postponed) Trail Story by Cyclops and McGoober

Chris and Kimberly, a.k.a. Cyclops and McGoober, were getting ready to start their thru-hike on the Continental Divide Trail when they made a hard decision to postpone their hike.

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Six Moons Design Deschutes Zero-G Shelter

Thru-hiking Gear Review – Deschutes Zero-G Shelter

A Triple Crown hiker, explains his decision to bring a Deschutes Zero-G shelter on his 2019 thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail.

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A man standing in the snow with a mountain and trees in the background.

My Trail Story by Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy took a wrong turn in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, walked straight into a forest fire, and shares the story of how he survived.

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A beautiful view of yellow covered mountains.

My Trail Story by Lara Handwerker

After meeting on the Appalachian Trail, this thru-hiking couple got married and decided to hike the Continental Divide Trail for their honeymoon.

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A beautiful view of a lake and a snow-covered mountain.

My Trail Story by Crunchmaster

Trevor Pyke, a.k.a. Crunchmaster, shares how he's come to love thru-hiking and what he learned hiking the PCT, AT, and parts of the CDT.

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A hiker sitting on a rock with the sunset in the background.

My Trail Story by Craig Fowler

Craig Fowler shares his story of how he became a thru-hiker and bikepacker, and how he turned his passions into a full-time project.

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A view of a lake.

My Trail Story by Grizzly

Our new "My Trail Story" series will feature thru-hikers of all ages and backgrounds sharing their personal, real life experiences from the trail. Michael Ivey, otherwise known as Grizzly on the trail, starts us off.

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A graph from the Guthook Guides app showing the steepest climb on the Continental Divide Trail.

What Are the Steepest Climbs on the AT, PCT, and CDT?

I analyzed elevation data to come up with an estimate of the steepest climbs.

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