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Three hikers walking through a dense green forest.

Thru-Hiking Lingo 101

New to the thru-hiking world? Don't worry! Check out these terms to learn the "thru-hiking lingo" and you'll be a part of the hiker trash fam in no time.

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Inside Atlas Guides: Customer Support

Ever wondered who answers your customer support email? Here is a behind-the-scenes look at Atlas Guides' customer support operation.

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Hiker in the White Mountains on a foggy ledge

Guthook’s New Year’s Hiking Goals

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Or are you going to forget them within minutes of making them? Check out how Guthook manages his New Years Resolutions— maybe his obsession can help you with yours.

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A girl hiking on a trail.

How Long Does it Take to Hike Each Trail?

Would you like to hike for 5-6 months? A few weeks? A few days? We've got you covered. See how long each of our trails are by time and length.

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Guthook's Holiday Gift Guide

Guthook’s Holiday Gift Guide

Give the Gift of Guthook this holiday season! We have trail guides for every type of hiker, thru-hiker, backpacker, or outdoors-lover on your list.

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10 Thru-Hiking Gifts for Under $20

Whether you're stuffing stockings or looking for affordable hiking gifts, you're sure to find something on this list.

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Hikers on a rocky river in Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument in Maine

Katahdin Woods & Waters Monument Planning

How do National Parks and Monuments decide how to manage their land? Guthook took a trip to see part of the planning process in person.

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A big group of PCT thru hikers starting at the southern terminus.

What is thru-hiking?

The definition of "thru-hiking" cannot be found in a dictionary. That's why I asked these thru-hikers to share what thru-hiking means to them.

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Two wooden buildings sit on a green field within a wooden wall at Fort vancouver National Historic Site.

Pathways to the Future: Rivers and Trails 2018

Last week I attended a symposium celebrating the 50th anniversary of National Trails and Wild and Scenic Rivers.

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Food packed for hiking trip arranged on a table

Guthook’s Backpacking Food Planner

How much food do you take backpacking? How much SHOULD you pack? Read how Guthook plans the right amount.

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Looking out airplane window

After the Trail: Post-Hike Depression

Many hikers have difficulty adjusting after a hike. Read what experienced thru hikers have to say about post-hike depression.

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