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The Bowline knot creates a secure loop that can be very useful while hiking.

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Why Knot? Useful Knots for Hikers, Part 1

The round turn and two half hitches is a useful knot for backpackers.

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The Cold Truth about Phone Batteries

Why does the battery level go down on a cold phone?

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Sawyer Mini, Micro and Squeeze Compared

I wrap up my series of Sawyer filter reviews by testing the flow rate of the Sawyer Mini against the Squeeze and Micro.

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Should I carry the Sawyer Syringe?

It is more effective to use the Sawyer coupler or a Smartwater bottle nozzle to backflush your Sawyer Squeeze filter than to use the Sawyer syringe that comes packaged with the Sawyer Squeeze filter.

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Sawyer Squeeze and Micro Squeeze Flow Rate Tests

We continue our review of the Sawyer Micro Squeeze and Sawyer Squeeze, this time with different squeeze containers, including the Vecto, Evernew, Smartwater Bottle, and Sawyer Squeeze Pouch.

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Items in Sawyer Micro Squeeze package: Squeeze bag, filter, back-flush syringe, connectors, packaging material

Review: the New Sawyer Micro Squeeze

We review Sawyer's new Micro Squeeze water filtration system.

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a tent and gear set up

10 Affordable Lightweight Gear Options for Backpackers and Thru Hikers

Ten affordable lightweight backpacking items that are a must for any trip.

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Choosing a charger

Since many hikers carry phones and portable batteries, we evaluated a variety of battery chargers and have some to recommend for long-distance hikers.

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A hiking backpack with many tools for trail maintenance sits on the ground next to a rock.

Trail Maintenance for Lightweight Backpackers

This set of maintenance tools is great and it fits easily in the side pocket of my pack.

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Getting the Most From Your Phone’s Battery

You’re ready to hit the trail, your fully-loaded smartphone in hand. But how long will it last when you’re not near an outlet?

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A graph shows statistics for hikers on the Appalachian Trail.

How Many People Hike the AT and PCT?

If you’ve been on the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trail and thought, “there are a lot of people out here,” you’re not wrong.

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A screenshot from Guthook Guides of farms on the Appalachian Trail.

Birds Eye Stories of the Appalachian Trail

I’ve been fascinated by satellite imagery of the the Appalachian Trail. It tells a very different story about the landscape.

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A graph from the Guthook Guides app showing the steepest climb on the Continental Divide Trail.

What Are the Steepest Climbs on the AT, PCT, and CDT?

I analyzed elevation data to come up with an estimate of the steepest climbs.

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