COVID-19 Hiking Information

Many of our customers are trying to decide what to do about their hiking plans in light of COVID-19. Trail organizations have been working hard to provide guidance, and we appreciate the work they have put into this.

This situation is changing daily, and we will keep this section of our website updated as new information comes from trail organizations.

For general information, please use the links below. For information from trail organizations, please use the resources further down the page.

Information from Trail Organizations

Appalachian Trail Conservancy (March 23):

Summary: The ATC is urging everyone, regardless of the length of the intended hike to please stay away from the Appalachian Trail until further notice.

Please Stay Off the Appalachian Trail

Pacific Crest Trail Association (March 19):

Summary: The title of the post says it all: “Please postpone or cancel your Pacific Crest Trail Plans due to COVID-19.”

Current COVID-19 Statement of the Pacific Crest Trail Association

Continental Divide Trail Coalition (March 17):

Summary: The CDTC has ceased operations of its Southern Terminus Shuttle and water caching in Southern New Mexico until April 17 (and possibly longer). It recommends that anyone hiking the CDT follow the advice of the CDC (avoid discretionary travel until April 1) and the New Mexico Department of Health (self-isolate for 14 days upon entry of New Mexico). If you cannot safely access the trail and practice social distancing, the CDTC “urge[s] you to stay home and enjoy your local trails and outdoor spaces.”

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail

Arizona Trail Association (March 18):

Summary: The Arizona Trail Association “encourages you to postpone your long-distance adventure along the AZT.” It recommends that you instead hike shorter segments where you can be self-sufficient. For those who are already hiking, “[b]ailing out and returning at another time may be the best choice.” There is a list of the risks of continuing a hike, such as unavailability of food, cached water, and medical services.

Arizona Trail Thru-Hikers and Riders

Te Araroa Trust (March 26):

Summary: Everyone in New Zealand is required to self-isolate at home for four weeks. Te Araroa Trust is asking people to walk only on sections of the trail in their local area and to avoid walking on any sections that would require a car to access. Longer day walks and overnight hikes must not be undertaken during the isolation period. DOC has closed all toilets and staying at a DOC hut, lodge or campsite during the isolation period is prohibited.

Trail Walking During COVID-19 Lockdown