Works offline, no data required.

Once you’ve completed the initial setup of the app, all of our trail guides work offline. They use your device’s internal GPS to display your current location and guide you along the route. Offline use includes access to key features of the guide, including the map, elevation profile, waypoint list, and more.

Trusted trail data.

All of the data for our routes is collected by trusted individuals and partner organizations, and is kept meticulously up-to-date. The track of each trail includes side trails and alternate routes, along with key waypoints. Our apps also offer comprehensive town guides, helping you resupply and access other services quickly.

Built for community.

Stay informed about trail conditions ahead by reading other hikers’ waypoint comments, and let other hikers know about your experience by leaving your own comments. Keep your friends and family up to date by sharing a check-in with your current location and a personalized message.

Offline maps.

Our variety of offline map sets, optionally downloaded as part of the initial setup and accessible offline afterwards, can give you extra quality information such as topographic lines with elevation values and satellite imagery.

Detailed waypoints.

Waypoints are plotted in a map and elevation profile, and each includes its own detail page with photos and descriptions. Water waypoints offer the most up-to-date water information, gathered from trusted sources and checked by other users.

Tailored to you.

Plan your day by letting the app calculate the distance to the next campsite, water source, or waypoint. Not every hike is the same, and we know that. Create your own custom routes using our route building tool.